“How to get” the profession of a doctor in Germany is probably the most popular request not only in the Russian speaking internet, but also amount all requests concerning search for high educated professions in Germany at all. As everybody can also see, there are a lot of hopes and disappointments related to the question, how to start working in Germany as a doctor and confirm his or her education and working experience, which are earned in a motherland country. The current need of doctors from abroad in Germany could be explained from 2 points: from one point the population of Germany is aging with increasing life expectancy, from another - the existing German system of training doctors does not keep pace with the growing need for specialists. The profession of doctor is very respectful in Germany and in order to start study it at German university the candidates should fulfil very high standards with their schooler notes. There are also quite a lot of smart, capable and highly qualified doctors not only from the former USSR but also from Asia, Middle East, etc., who would like to work as a doctor in the leading country of Europe on the best equipment and using modern medicines and preparations to cure the German patients on the high level and to improve their financial situation at the same time. The Salary of doctor’s assistant starts from 3500-4000 Euro gross in Germany, the doctor can get from 6000 Euro gross per month in the beginning of its carrier.

The team of “Working in Germany” has deliberately included the category of doctors in the list of specialists that we help to find the job in Germany, nevertheless the high level of competition in this area in different countries. We also help with the preparation of all necessary documents for application and assistance in finding a job. The main reason for that, is that we have sufficient knowledge and capabilities in this industry, and also according to our opinion, the current proposal for the employment of doctors in Germany is very far from the level of service "Made in Germany".

If you want to start as a doctor in Germany, you must have a diploma of completed higher medical education, completed postgraduate education (residency, internship or residency), as well as knowledge of the German language at a level not lower than B2. The next step, especially important for medical specialties, is the preparation of documents that will be submitted to the German’s clinics and other medical organisations in order to find a workplace and further employment. Documents of the applicant are called in Germany “the applicant folder” or “Bewerbungsmappe”, what stresses again, how important these application documents are and how carefully they should be prepared. The applicant's folder consists of a resume in German with a professionally produced photograph of the candidate, a cover letter with a brief description of the skills, as well as a justification for the desire to work in that particular German clinic on the available specialty, as well as a list of diplomas, certificates of advanced training translated into German. If there would be the interest at your candidacy, the clinic appoints first the online interview with a candidate via Skype or other messenger and if the candidate passed the first phase of application process he or she could be invited to the one-to-one (or face-to-face) interview. After successfully passing the interview and signing the contract, the candidate needs to issue a work visa in the embassy of its country, and arrange the transfer to Germany of itself and its family. At each stage, the employees of “Working in Germany” are ready to accompany you and provide you highly qualified services.

It is important to note that in the beginning experts from other countries, that are not members of the European Union have the right to work in Germany as an assistant to a German doctor only, or in other words a doctor without specialization (Assistenzarzt). The salary of a doctor's assistant with a diploma ranges from 3 500 to 4 200 Euro per month gross. This is enough to get a work permit and open a visa in the embassy that gives the right to work, under the Blue Card program.

The Blue Card program is a program for attracting highly qualified specialists to Germany. The requirements for obtaining the Blue Card are the availability of higher education, work experience in the specialty, as well as a confirmed annual income with a potential employer in the amount of 50 800 Euro gross (the amount is revised every year and is relevant for 2017). Also, the law on the Blue Card provides a lowered rate of annual income for professions, where Germany is currently experiencing so called “staff hunger” (Mangelberufe). This category consists graduates of universities, who studied natural sciences, mathematics, engineers, doctors (except dentists), specialists from the IT fields. The annual income for the applicants from this group should be at least 39 624 Euro gross.

According to the German law after 6 -12 months’ work at the German clinic for the foreign specialist, who performs work related to medical specialties must defend his diploma by submitting documents for the so-called - Approbation. Approbation is the procedure of official confirmation of a foreign diploma, which is held at the level of the federal land of Germany and is accepted in other federal lands of Germany. This means once gets the Approbation, the foreign doctor has a right to change his or her clinic and work everywhere in Germany. Depending on the federal land, there is a different procedure for passing the Approbation, but as a rule the doctor speaks to the medical commission and answers practical questions that allow the examiners to understand the degree of proficiency in its theoretical and practical knowledge. After receiving the confirmation of knowledge or Approbation, it is necessary to work as a doctor's assistant for a minimum of 4 years, in order to receive the right to apply for the examination for the doctorate in Germany and become the doctor in Germany (Facharzt). After that the doctor with foreign education would be equal to the doctors, who got the high education in medicine in Germany.

If you have a doctor's diploma in any medical specialty, work experience in the specialty, as well as a level of knowledge of the German language is not lower than B2, you can apply for help in preparing documents for the purpose of employment as a doctor in Germany here

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