We can say without any exaggeration that Germany was and remains a country of engineers and engineering. Despite the large numbers of university graduates in engineering specialties, the demand for vacancies which is containing the word "engineer" in Germany is constantly growing. This happens not only because of significant complication of technological processes in almost all industries - engineering, construction, automobiles - and machine- industry, but also because of the fact, that less than half of graduates of engineering universities in Germany graduate from it and go to work on their specialty. In this regard, Germany simply needs to attract highly skilled engineers from other countries in order to remain a technology leader in many sectors.

The annual salary of an engineer in Germany starts approximately from 50 000 to 55 000 Euro gross per year, which is on average 4 200 – 4 500 Euro gross (before taxes) per month. A constructor or a designer of buildings and structures receives at least 2800 - 3000 Euro gross per month. Experienced, qualified specialists receive from 5 000 Euro gross per month and more.

The name of the profession "engineer" (Ingenieur) in Germany is protected by law. It can be called only those professionals who have graduated from the German university of technical specialty, or specialists who formally recognized in Germany their diploma obtained in another country. Recognition of the diploma of engineering specialties in Germany is carried out at the level of the federal lands, but the diploma of an engineer recognized in one federal land will be recognized in all others. Consideration of the application for the recognition of the profession of "engineer" is engaged in the management of engineering chambers located in major cities of a particular federal lands. In some federal lands, to recognize the specialty of an "engineer", the applicant will be asked to pass a qualification exam before the commission of examiners or acquire additional qualifications, having received training / courses on the missing subjects in his diploma.

At the federal level, it is possible to receive recognition of the qualification (not the profession) of an engineer by submitting documents to a special department related to the Ministry of Education and Culture (Anabin's database owned by Kultusministerkonferenz), responsible for the recognition of foreign engineering degrees. This will be enough to obtain a work permit in the case of having an employment contract with a German employer, but the title of the "engineer" will need to be confirmed already while working in Germany.

The team of “Working in Germany” provides the preparation and the employment in Germany of applicants for engineering specialties within the Blue Card program. The Blue Card program is a program for attracting highly qualified specialists to Germany. The requirements for obtaining the Blue Card are the availability of higher education, work experience in the specialty, as well as a confirmed annual income with a potential employer in the amount of 50 800 Euro gross (the amount is revised every year and is relevant for 2017). Also, the law on the Blue Card provides a lowered rate of annual income for professions, where Germany is currently experiencing so called “staff hunger” (Mangelberufe). This category consists graduates of universities, who studied natural sciences, mathematics, engineers, doctors (except dentists), specialists from the IT fields. The annual income for the applicants from this group should be at least 39 624 Euro gross.

In the case of obtaining a Blue Card authorizing work in Germany, it is necessary to receive the recognition of qualification according the diploma of engineer sciences obtained in a foreign country, and confirmation of a working experience in this field in your or other countries.

For getting the Blue Card in engineers’ specialities the German language knowledge is not required, it is only necessary to have a higher education and confirmation of the specialty in engineers’ science, as well as the availability of an employer who is ready to hire you. However, we recommend start to apply for engineers’ positions in Germany with the knowledge of German language at least at the level of B1. This not only expands your employment opportunities in Germany, but also makes it easier for you to become integrated into a completely new country.

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