Programmers and IT specialists in Germany are needed and most often they fall into the category Blue Card with the salary over 40 thousand Euro per year, in that case an additional work permit is not required. If a language of communication in a company is English, there is no special need for candidate for German language to start working in IT fields in Germany. The candidate needs to know German at a household level, enough would be levels A2-B1. It helps not only in finding the employer, but also in the organization of relocation and the beginning of comfortable living. The team of “Working in Germany” helps the candidates to find the right place with competitive salary and organize the comfort living in a country in the beginning.

Our company provides assistance in the employment of IT professionals in Germany, including programmers, testers, administrators, architects and others, as part of the Blue Card program. The Blue Card program is a program for attracting highly qualified specialists to Germany. The requirements for obtaining the Blue Card are the availability of higher education, work experience in the specialty, as well as a confirmed annual income with a potential employer in the amount of 50 800 Euro gross (the amount is revised every year and is relevant for 2017). Also, the law on the Blue Card provides a lowered rate of annual income for professions, where Germany is currently experiencing so called “staff hunger” (Mangelberufe). This category consists graduates of universities, who studied natural sciences, mathematics, engineers, doctors (except dentists), specialists from the IT fields. The annual income for the applicants from this group should be at least 39 624 Euro gross.

If you have higher education related to the IT industry, work experience in the specialty, and also the level of knowledge of the German language is not lower than B1, you can apply for help in preparing documents for employment in the IT field in Germany here

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